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In Brief

  • Jillian Sharp Semi Permanent Cosmetics and Prosthetics
  • New 2017 Brow Rehab Clinic, Weave Technique  
  • Cosmetic Tattooing, Nouveau Contour Micro Pigmentation
  • Eyeliner & Lip Colour, Lash enhancement/Eyeliner,
  • Prosthetics Tattoo removals,
  • 3D effect or Powdered eyebrows
  • Scar tissue re-stimulation with Dry needling (MCA)
  • Read more about Jillian on the Blog below


Telephone:  01383 861 482
Mobile: 07901 654 110

Specialist ; Jillian Sharp

Address: Mobile & Salon Aberdour Scotland, UK, Italy

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About Jillian, Pure Definition Semi Permanent Cosmetics

Jillian is a leader within the semi permanent cosmetics artistry and prosthetics industry.  Her work has been highly regarded throughout the UK and abroad as “The Complete make-up artist”, appearing on television, magazines and known on the international fashion scene.   Jillian is a certificated insured and highly skilled professional.  She will consult, offer advice and walk you through the many procedures on offer every step of the way.   You can also read and find out more about Jillian, new procedures introduced and her ‘Brow Rehab Clinic’ on the blog here  Jillian has a long history of clients and information for you to check out, something she absolutely recommends you do before embarking on any cosmetic treatment or service.   Jillian travels to various salons throughout Scotland and North England. 


2017 has started off exciting and busy

 with the introduction of 

The Weave Technique” proving to be The New Brow treatment of the moment! Performed together with the state of the art Biotek System including their Bio Resistant colours lasting 30% longer, this is truly the “cutting edge” of all procedures! here 

Brow Rehab Clinics Microblading (hand held tool), Micropigmentation(PMU) cosmetic tattooing, Browsculpting (reshaping) here

Brows, The Weave TechniquePure Definition Semi Permanent Cosmetics is Suitable For

  • Busy people of all ages who want to look good 24 hours a day,  physically active people such as  swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics, and don’t want to worry about “sweating off”  
  • men who want that natural look
  • Allergy to conventional cosmetics, hay fever or watery eyes
  • Hair simulation, Beauty marks, sparse or no eyebrows or eyelashes, poor vision or an unsteady hand

Services and Procedures Include :

semi-permanent-brows-by-jillian-sharp-for-scotlands-athlete-gemma-sharpMicro Pigmentation:  Known as permanent cosmetics,  deposits hypo-allergenic mineral pigments into the derma layer of the skin to create shadow or colour that mimics the most perfectly applied make-up in

  • 3D effect or Powdered eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lip Colour, Lash enhancement/Eyeliner
  • Scar tissue re-stimulation with Dry needling (MCA), Scar camouflage
  • Micropigmentation(PMU) cosmetic tattooing
  • Paramedical Procedures:  Areola reconstruction, Tattoo removals, Scar tissue re-stimulation with Dry needling (MCA), Scar camouflage,  Cleft Lip re-contouring.


Jillian Sharp  Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals

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